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Welcome to our web page.  You will find here under an introduction of our company.  Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.  We will be happy to reply to you.

Euro Asiatique is a small size company based in Taiwan and China.
We have 15 years experience producing goods for european companies.
We have developed a strong and large base of manufacturers and partners over the time.  Today we are offering different services to our customer in Europe.


Our staff consist today of 16 people from different background and nationalities. We have French, Belgian, Chinese and Taiwanese individuals.  Our European back ground allows us to develop a particular partnership with our customers.

In the process of development of new product, we inform our customers of the feedbacks from factories floor on how to cut down production and/or components cost.
1  Contract Manufacturing
We are contract manufacturing for different companies in France, Belgium, Holland Germany and Italy.

Either we choose our own partner, either we find the appropriate supplier in our base of manufacturer.

A customer send us a project in its final stage of development for the realization and the price study.  We found the appropriate factories, mould maker, check components and material availibilty for this product according to the quality requirements, quantity expected, and the products criteria.

We open mould and tooling for this product. Import or find the appropriate material, We arrange plastic injections, metal stamping and cutting, cast almumiun or metal extrusion, ... circuits maker,bonding factory, chips development.
We make the first prototype, FOT, test, and organise production to factory that best suite the quality, price range and requirement of our customer.
We arrange different part to be assembled in one or sevral factories under our control.

We found the appropriate supplier as we have a large base of reliable manufacturers and partners as well as presence in both China and Taiwan.  Some parts are coming from Taiwan ( Chips, LED, circuits, wire, filament, ..., special plastilizer) or made in China.  Most of the product are realized and assembled in China.

        Example:        A small light set involving a circuits.
  * The plastic injection is located in a factory in China
  * The IC is coming from Taiwan or Korea
  * The circuits is made in Donguan ( China)
  * The bounding of the chips in Zuhai ( China)
  * The LED is coming from Hsinshu (Taiwan)
  * Some minor parts are found and produce around the main factory
  * All is assembled in one factory and we have arrange the parts to be collected.     

    This case had given our customer a strong price advantage over his competitors     even the ones producing in China.

The process involves often importing parts from other countries, other factories.  Some pieces are made in different factories and we arrange the combination of all of them under one roof.  We organize the documents and certificate of origin for our customer.

Our manufacturers range is quite wide, as it include plastic & rubber products manufacturers from Tyres to Tubes, Hoses, Industrial Components, Extruded Profiles, Molded Goods, Latex articles, etc. and extend to Machinery & Equipment for the Plastics & Rubber Industries, preprocessing & recycling, extrusion lines, Injection & Blow moulding machines, Machinery & plants for finishing, decorating, printing & marking, Welding machines, Moulds & dies, Raw materials & auxiliaries, Thermoplastics, Thermoset, Rubbers, Adhesives & glues, Paint resins, Plastics & rubber products, duel-color injection molding machinery, material handling for the plastics & rubber industries to Alumin and Steel,  Metal stamping, die casting, CNC extruders, In addition to that, our presence in Taiwan allows us to find best and reliable supplier of components and parts for opto-electronics industry , information technology, photonics, electro power technology, semiconductor industries, electronic components industries, and communications industry.

   Example:   Femal plug with insert from Germany for a controller divise
A french customer send us an insert for a femal plug for his lighting controller.
We import the insert coming from Germany.
We send them to one factory that will fix cable on insert
They over inject the female plug
The power cord is now send to a controller factory that have received the IC.
The final product is assembled and shipped to France.

  Example :    Creation of a Heavy Duty canopy set
* One customer have a strong requirment on the quality of his canopy.
* We have made produce special strong anodize alumnium for a customer according to his requirment.  A mold was open for the extrusion.
* We have made in one factory special connection and joint in a mix of glass fiber and nylon.
* The product is assembled in one factory.
* We found a maker of fabrics that was fire retardants and pass M2 classification
* We pass the test with a European laboratory for our customer
* The fabrics is sent to one factory to make the cutting and assemling
* The full set of product is either assembled under custom or in one of the two main factories involved in the process.

2   Quality Control and Production Management 
We represent some companies to arrange their production, quality control and shipment.  We assign one or more person directly to a customer case for a full year contact or work case by case. This person is under our supervision permanently. We have senior management who could assist in some difficult cases with supplier.
We have specially train staff to arrange the first step of production, to insure a smooth transition from development to full scale production.   

3   Sourcing and Buying
As customers have been satisfied with our services and as China has become the factory of the world, we frequently receive cases of sourcing. We finally developed a sourcing service for components, parts and finish product as well.

Some customers are looking for a range of product, and we find the right supplier for them.
We buy the goods for them and we take care of the quality control and shipment.
We extend a family of product for our customer by finding new product. We simply gather goods for them to be shipped in set instead of separate unit.

For all contact  our head office is located in Taipei
Our Head Office is located in the technologic park of Neihu.
   (From main airport : 50 to 60 Min.)

     Euro Asiatique LTD
     Room C, 13Fl., No 1,
     Min Chuan East, Sec. 6
     114 Taipei
     Tel.:  886.2.2791.1319
     Fax.: 886.2.2791.1095

Our office in China is located in Zongshang
             ( From Hong Kong :  70 min by ferry and 40 min driving)
             ( From Macau:  after the border of Zuhai 35 min driving)

     Euro Asiatique (Tristar)
     Pin Nan Insdustiarl Zone
     Shan Xiang Town, Zhong Shan City
     528463, Guang Dong Province
     Tel.:  86.760.6195.300 Ext: 849
     Fax.:  86.760.6980.100

For any information, please contact our head office :
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